Apple is engaged on wearable AirPods chargers

Some patent filings appear thrilling, others appear unlikely, whereas others simply appear slightly outlandish. File the AirPods charging necklace beneath the latter.

A brand new patent submitting explains how Apple may complement the normal charging case with a extra wearable choice.

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The submitting with the USA Patent Workplace explains how the AirPods could possibly be saved in a bracelet or necklace that might additionally replenish the battery. It is also related to a keyring.

It could possibly be helpful to maintain them readily available and near the ears, and totally charged, particularly after we’re inclined to depart the case in laborious to seek out areas. Whereas it looks like it is perhaps unpleasant, it wouldn’t be past Apple’s capabilities to make this a gorgeous choice.

Apple AirPods necklace

Inside the patent (through Apple Insider), Apple says: “In some examples, some or all the housing portion could be versatile or bendable and could be known as a versatile portion.

“In some examples, nevertheless, the primary and second receiving parts could be straight related to at least one one other, or may even be encompassed or a minimum of partially contained inside a housing…”

Apple additionally explains the accent could possibly be “looped round an article of clothes, accent, physique half or appendage of a consumer, or every other object as desired to retain the accent thereon.”

Lastly, the corporate explains an instance the place the accent could possibly be used as a directional speaker.

“By producing or amplifying directional sound as proven, the accent can permit the consumer to listen to the sound whereas different individuals, even these standing straight subsequent to the consumer, might not be capable to hear the sound,” says Apple. “On this manner, a consumer can, for instance, proceed a telephone name being carried out by way of earbuds when the earbuds are within the accent and may nonetheless keep a desired degree of privateness.”

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